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Our company is establishing complete car workshop and auto expertise systems. We are able to supply all equipment like lifts, balancer, wheel aligner, A/C machines, body repair machine etc needed by workshops. At least e have one or two equipment on Tofas, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Renault authorised dealer ehere you are located. You can ask our company reference from those companies. At the moment we have more than 7.500 different equipment working on the work shops all over Turkey. If you want to see complete list please click on here.

Minsitry of Environment has purchased all exhaust gas emission tester from us for checking emission measuremen quality on 81 different city.

There are 132 ea Computest – Auto Expertise station which is working perfectly which established by us. To see the list  click here

New We have developped a new software for Auto expertise stations. With this software, users are able to enter vehicle and user data to the PC, they can take a picture of the car with built in camera and they can store all of them including test result to PC and/or server.

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We are importing, selling and servicing Italian Dimsport and Corghi products since 20 years.(only as auto expertise machines)

Equipments are included in this systems;

Dynamometer / Dyno test  : 2 and 4WD capability tester collect information about engine torque, power, wheel torque and power..

 2WD kasa car wheel

dyno softw 4WD ust gorunum dyno bike


Maximum power : 300KW / 400 hp
Maximum speed : 300Km/h
Maximum torque : 750/1500Nm
Electric power : 6KW
Wheel base : 2 -> 3m
Brake tester : ATo measure brake performance of the vehicle and also to measure difference on left and right wheels.





Operating Voltage : 3 faz 380 V + 1 faz 220 V AC

Max power : max 18 kW

Motor power : 2 x 4.8 kW

Max vehicle weights : 7.5 ton

Min wheel distance : 800 mm

Max wheel distance : 2200 mm


Suspension and side slip tester : To measure front, rear, left and right suspension of the vehicle. Side slip tester can measure if wehicle steering to left or right.



Paint thickness gauge : To measure paint thickness variation the the vehicle body and to decide if there are extra paint on the body.


Now we are using Bluetooth paint thickness gauges in order to be able to send measuring result to PC and printer.

OBD Scanner : To scan fault codes on ECU, to inform user about them and also to clear fault codes.








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